Heavy Rain: Detective Beta Man Solves Crime


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Listen up folks, it’s time I taught you a trick or two about raising your kids and being a dang cool dad while doing it. First step just gotta play some swords with them every once in a while second step probably don’t help your wife get the plates also don’t forget to pack two dollars in your wallet in case balloon man comes a calling

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  1. Criken: You're gonna feel alive again….when I'm done with you…
    Classic line!
    Me: Is that what you tell all the girl's you get with, Criken-Sama? x_0

  2. So, you're not playing the American version then.
    In the American version the nudity was covered through clever camera angles.

  3. C'min son, do you want a ride on the swingset? Woop, one is enough there son, don't want another dead son

  4. How is something that's basically on the level of The Room considered, by many critics, to be one of the greatest narratives video games have to offer?

  5. Looking forward to the rest of the highlights

    If you've played the game a couple times previously its a lot funnier/less painful when he makes 'incorrect' choices.

  6. I hated the protagonist in the Super Best Friends play-through but you just feel bad for him in this 1 lol


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