Heavy Rain: The Worst Timeline


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Listen up folks, it’s time I taught you a trick or two about raising your kids and being a dang cool dad while doing it. First step just gotta play some swords with them every once in a while second step probably don’t help your wife get the plates also don’t forget to pack two dollars in your wallet in case balloon man comes a calling

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  1. Criken I love you and you are very fun to watch and your play style is interesting to say the least but dude when you foul up on purpose for your play style or because you think it's funny but then are shocked to find that u failed the sequence or died is rather stupid.

  2. Cage games are actually terrible. This is why they are such easy targets to make fun of. Sorry if that bothers you.

  3. Honestly, I shouldn't of expected a real playthrough, as he's a satirical youtuber, but holy shit was this painful…

  4. I should've fucked around with this game more before I sold it.

    And I guess we know how the fire in Shelby's apartment started…

  5. The bit with the fat guy slowly sitting down had me on the floor for a full 20 minutes I swear! Had to pause and recover… Struggling to even write this now

  6. David cage really is just a derivative fraud. I think like 10 % of his games have original ideas , and that's probably overly generous


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