HITMAN: The Yoga Yuppie


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Yoga is such an unappreciated artform. They’ve got all those famous positions like downward dog, treeman, kill push, and so many other classics. Lets all take some time to appreciate this fantastic craft and the brave young men and women that practice it overlooking a cliff.

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  1. 1:17 professionals will kill you before you hit the ground.
    Agent 47 is on a completly different level. He will knock you out or kill you and change cloth before you hit the ground.

  2. If you jump in at 9:47 without having watched the beginning, it just looks like Criken is forming some kind of weird spa cult.

  3. I did the same thing to my studant in lord of the dance.

    Because when she proposed position of lord of the dance. It was lord of the Clemidia.

    #boiling water fixes fumes.

  4. he can shoot he can play some mean drums, he can do yoga. He is the most interesting hitman in the world

  5. So why would a guy in Cowboy hat be wearin a Japanese Yukata? Not that there's anythin wrong with that, it just kind of has a wierd culture shock to it, like mixin Chimichangas with Wasabi.

  6. If anyone has played Hitman Absolution, u would remember Blake Dexter…who is also in this mission! Anyone notice?


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