HOI4 Kaiserreich – Tom Starts WW2 – Kaiserreich Kerfuffle #1


Join us for a brand new series where we dabble in Kaiserreich mod of Hearts of Iron IV. We play as the Union of Britain (Tom), The Ottoman Empire (Laith) and Russian Republic (George). We’re not very skilled at this game (look at the title, I mean, really Tom?!), so buckle up and make sure to hammer us for every wrong decision.

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  1. This had to be re uploaded for Youtube issues. Thanks Youtube.

    However, I have added a snazzy intro in compensation! :3

  2. Legal Reforms… Eagle Reforms… Eagle… Bald Eagle… America… Murica… MURICA!… OIL… oil… Libyan Oil… Ottomans control Libya in this time… IT IS ALL A CONSPIRACY THE OTTOMANS RULE THE WORLD!!!


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