How Cuphead Does Nostalgia | Player's Narrative


We see games inspired or have a nostalgic elements all the time.Cuphead does it it an particularly unique way.Let’s look at it’s inspirations and designs that makes it the odd one out.

Sources :
Road to the IGF by Joel courture

Games Shown In this Episode :
Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) – Capcom
Slashy souls (2016) – Bandai Namco Entertainment
Hollow knight (2017) – Team Cherry
Celeste(2018) – Mattmakesgames
Cuphead(2017) – StudioMDHR
Contra 3 (1992) – Konami
Gun Star Hereos (1993) – Treasure
The Messenger(2018) – Sabotage studio
Adventure Island(1986) – Hudson soft
Spiderman ps4(2018) – Insomniac games
Bloodborne(2015) – FromSoftware
God of War(2018) – Sanamonica Studio
Shadow of the tomb raider(2018) – Eidos Montreal
Batman and robin (1994) – Konami

Music Used :
00:00 – Titan(Hyper light drifter OST)
00:54 – Iskwell isle one(Cuphead OST)
04:22 – Carnival kerfuffle(Cuphead OST)


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  1. Wonderful introspective analysis! The web is saturated with technical interpretations on what works and doesn't from mechanical standpoints in video games, and they are all well-and-good, but this kind of inner-look at what shines in your mind's eye is the kind of humanistic touch the video game analysis niche needs to breathe new life into old topics. We're rooting for ya!

  2. Man, this is a really great channel. You have a real talent for breaking down a game to its core and explaining what works and what doesn't.
    My only complaint: You NEED to find your own voice. As it stands, this whole series feels like an off-brand "Game Makers Toolkit".
    You are so much more than that. You have so much more to say than that. This is a brilliant series. It would be a shame to see you fizzle out in Mark Brown's shadow. I really hope you find your own voice and style. There's real potential here. I don't want 'Players Narrative' to die as some cheap rip off to an already well-established channel.

    You're good. You're GENUINELY good. You owe it to yourself to experiment with your presentation and find your own footing. There are thousands of channels on YouTube trying to do what Mark does. You're better than that. I'm not being a dick here. You're BETTER than that.


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