How to Build A Win7PE Disk With Winbuilder by Britec


How to Build A Win7PE Disk With Winbuilder

WinBuilder is a free application designed to build and customize boot disks (Live CDs) based on Microsoft Windows (WinPE).


Scripts are the building blocks of Live CD compiled with Winbuilder are used to build the core components of the Live CD, for adding applications, and for configuration of a specific project. Scripts consist of a human readable text file with the .script extension and can contain Winbuilder scripting commands, the scripts graphical user interface, and sometimes encoded applications to be extracted when needed.


A Project is a collection of Winbuilder scripts maintained for building a complete Live CD. Each project contains multiple scripts, each responsible for adding features or applications to the build.

Users may build their own projects from scratch or use one of many projects actively developed by the boot-land community. Projects can be downloaded directly using Winbuilder’s built-in download manager and used as-is or further customized to meet the individual’s needs.

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  1. I cant get anything to DL… hitting the big green buttons…. and when I find winbuilder it's giving a message as no proxy..? I get a 404 for LiveXP and that Win7PE one has nothing to download.. and that when I find any thing that looks like the actual front end for the builder it asks for a proxy… looks like some ones gone to great lengths to break everything to make it either.. harder to get to use… or to obliterate everything so as to possibly not over step Microsock copywrite ?

    With the version of Winbuilder I can DL (WinBuilder 082).. it doesn't give the as seen front end gui as of "XP live CD" in bold..or any menu "WEB/Download/Help.. or play button tools or refresh.. nothing like that.

    I seem to be either getting the wrong stuff of that it's all been turned to crap !

  2. Not working… Donwloaded WinBuilder, run it. No Win7PE SE. Managed to find .project file but where do i put it? Kinda of confusing if you have no idea how the scripts work? Will have to find another program 🙁

  3. Please Brian can you make a better, more detailed video that fully explains the step-by-step procedure on how to properly create a Windows 7 PE disk. This video does not explain and show well on what to do when creating a Windows 7 PE disk.

  4. i just dont understand what the source folder is or where it goes, or what has to go inside, you know like when i point to the path?…..your explanation was like me skimming through the back of a book to avoid reading the book, and have a summery of whats going on… pointless.

  5. Is there a much easier way to create a custom Win7PE boot disk? I find it too hard to create a Win7PE boot disk.

  6. How do i install custom drivers. do i just add the exe driver file in the driver folder? and is there anything else i need to add to get them install into my build?
    Thanks for any help

  7. Love your videos but I would really appreciate it if you explained how to edit the actual PE environment using winbuilder via scripts, etc. Imo this video is simply a showcase of a pre-built winPE. Thanks.

  8. brilliant just what i was looking for please send me a copy also would i be able to put acronis restore on this
    thanks so much

  9. Is there any place I can just download the iso image Please. I am having soooooo much trouble making the build. I can build the computer but making the disk. Now im in trouble. But sir ur did a great video on how to make it its just I guess I really don't know what the heck im doing then !!!!!

  10. sorry i left something out so ill fill in more details i went ahead and made a restore point back to where that software was not on the desktop so basilcy its not their anymore but on the other hand i cant go back to that point where it was on their cuz deleted all restore points n now i still think its running but yes have ran malewarbyts but only troble is malwarebyts cant detect security shield i may be in deep water here cuz that softwar has also has thrown an error in the bios screen

  11. hey britec i just made 2 videos on laggy desktop in the video i was asking for help if u can when u have time to view my video i have done the following and it dint help i have cleand c drive still laggy
    some a software name srcurityshield hav installd itself on to my desktop i was asking if u can see the 1st video when u hav time

  12. Nice video but where is a decent defrag app? Something you can use to defrag all those otherwise locked down system files, metadata, MFT and such?

  13. Great video! What folder do I put the portable apps in? I tried putting them in C:Win7PE BuilderWin7PE_SE_20111020ProjectsWin7PE_SEAppsPortablePstart and it seemed to include them in the build, but I could not find a place to access them once Win7PE was running.

  14. @Britec09 Hi, I am the current admin of Win7PE SE project, ChrisR
    I do not know how you built the video, but a sequence on the integration of drivers would be a good addition.
    A new topics on with your nice clips would be a good tutorial and show your work.

  15. A nice clip, in my opinion it lacks a ride on the side of drivers
    A small thank to all those who have worked on this project would be nice (me, Jfx, UYahoouk, Lancelot and many others) and for winbuilder.
    Maybe you can broadcoast your clip on


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