How to Get Stretched Resolution in PS4 , PC , XBOX! Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2


i used stretched resolution to win in fortnite season 2 chapter 2 as stretched res is back, only for ps4 xbox and pc players i have the tutorial to get the stretched resolution in the game. If you are a playstation player or a xbox player or a pc player then you can use it. 1600×1080 resoultion or 1444×1080 resoultion or 1280×1080 resoultion or 1080×1080 resoultion are good res for fortnite now.

This video includes Fortnite gameplay which has Stretched Res tactics with Stretch Res tutorial in Season 2 Stretched Res is a great way to play fortnite. Stretched Res Tutorial is in depth ranging from all resoultion, Streamers use the new res and you can see Streamers Using Stretched Res to win games. Stretched Res Back in Season 2 so that makes me happy in fortnite season 2,fortnite season 2 stretched resolution are great to win in the game,stretch resolution fortnite how to,how to get stretched resolution fortnite season 2,stretch res fortnite season 2 along with fortnite stretched res for all players. fortnite how to get stretched res tutorial will be the tutorial on my channel for fortnite chapter 2 season 2,i also enjoy watching Fortnite Moments for videos of New Chapter 2 Stretched Res

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  1. Man I wish I had a tv that have settings for position I don’t have position settings on my tv 🙁

  2. for xbox: go into settings, video display settings, video fidelity and overscan, then change from hdmi to dvi if your screen shows weird colors unplug your hdmi out of Xbox and back in then it should be all good


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