Today I’m showing you guys how to play csgo in the best looking 4:3 stretched resolutions!! Playing a stretched res like this makes player models bigger giving you a bigger advantage in game! And don’t worry, this is not a hack!! Most pro players play like this!! Hope you guys enjoy!

Make csgo run faster:

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  1. it sucks u cant do this with amd radeon it just says ur monitor doesnt support 1440×1080 but i could do it with nvidia

  2. Wait so does this mean that even using my pc normally I have stretched res? because I did the test and it did the stretched res for everything but I don't want that, I only wanted it for csgo. Do I just have to have it all the time or is it possible to have it only on for cs?

  3. Probably the most well-made video on this that I've seen, thanks!
    Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get this working with windowed borderless and the videos on that topic are not nearly as nice

  4. My friends, ı want to consult about a topic. Models move in normal speed at 16: 9 at resolution in cs go game. When we make a 4: 3 stretched screen, the models expand a lot and start moving too fast. So is the situation at 16:10 stretched screen resolution the same? So when we play widescreen at 16:10 resolution, do the models move at the same speed as 4: 3 or move a little slower than 4: 3 resolution? does anyone know?


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