How to replace Hard drive with SSD without reinstalling Windows with Minitool Partition Wizard


Important, please read: Minitool recently stopped giving the Clone Disk function for free. Watch this video for a free alternative
How to upgrade an HDD to SSD and make your PC faster without reinstalling windows using Minitool Partition Wizard Free to clone disks
I also do a performance comparison test HD vs SSD using winsat disk command
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winsat disk -drive c -ran -read
winsat disk -drive c -ran -write
winsat disk -drive c -seq -read
winsat disk -drive c -seq -write

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Disclaimer: use the method shown in this video at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage caused or for any data loss.


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  2. progress went fine until it ask to pc restart and it resume but then it stuck..already waited for about 3 hours now

  3. I followed these steps and my “copy partition and processing files” are at 0% after 3 hours. Is this normal?

  4. Thank you sir. We did the upgrade from a ThinkPad L520 with the Partition Wizard, by adding 4GB of RAM and a Samsung SSD 500GB. Great improvement. Your information is clear and practical. Merci beaucoup !


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