How To Stretch 4:3 resolution in any game (Win7/8 nvidia)


Welcome to another tutorial made by : abnormal

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In case this happens to anyone else with AMD, try this before you do regedit changes. Go in Catalyst Control Center — My Digital Flat Panels — Properties. Then change “Preferred Scaling Mode:” to “Scale image to full panel size”. If this option was already selected like mine was but still caused black bars, select “Maintain aspect ratio”, then, apply changes, then revert back to “Scale image to full panel size” and once again apply. This back and forth revert and applying the changes fixed my issue.
-Thanks to for this information

My graphics card is nvidia gtx 765m.
If you’re having any trouble with amd, i would love to help, but i cannot gurantee a succes

Today we are gonna be looking at how to stretch your game resolution like a professional csgo player.

I have had this problem that you could not stretch the screen, since my nvidia graphics driver got a problem with my intel graphics driver, and i could not uninstall one of them since they were both needed, so i looked up on the internet, and i could not find any solution of this problem, so i decided to look around in my computer.

I found out that you do not need anything special to do it at all it is quite simple.

The values i was talking about
2 – Center image
3 – Stretch to fit screen
4 – Maintain aspect ratio
Download my cfg
View.cfg :
MovieConfig.cfg :
Sky City 2013 fanpage:

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  1. omg it works great in windows 10, regedit will be shown as registry editor. btw tks u so much for this lovely solution, u got a subscriber <3

  2. Btw i should use editi g software like audacity to remove voice and noice removeU can remove thar sneeze too that was hilarious

  3. you say it is not working for win 10, but I did it and it still works in 2018. 🙂 Go ahead, my specs: HP notebook 17 / reinstalled win 10 – original win 8.1 .. lets try.

  4. I had only 2 folders in "Configuration" folder, changed two "Scaling" files and it worked. Man, you are a genius) Thank you very much!!!
    Win 7/64 bit.


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