Human Fall Flat : The Great Journey


The journey to Valhalla has never been so epic.
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Lo, behold, fair travelers of doughy limbs, as they travel through land, air, and sea to the halls of Valhalla. During such an epic and serious journey, will Criken survive such daring leaps of faith, or will someone (probably Tomato) let him plummet. I suppose that’s what happens when a Human Fall Flat.

The Humans:

Video Edited by Spencer (Yabaecip):


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  1. My god i would love to be a part of your crew XD you guys are amazing and i love Rping and ive seen you guys rp, Buck and Tomato kill me with laughter, i love it, it would be a dream to join your crew!

  2. Someone should make a map whrre you have to run from someone each player gets three lives they lose a life if they get killed by the player hunting them thier goal is to complete the map they lose if they all die there can be 2 hinters if yoi want and you can make it towhoever dies become a hunter if you want

  3. 8:52
    innocent D-class gets stuck in a dead end in SCP-860-1 and seconds later gets brutally mauled and terminated by SCP-860-2

  4. I love that the hook across the river was condensed into like a minute when it took them like an hour to figure out in the actual stream

  5. ya know, I clicked on this Human Fall Flat video by Criken-sama, fully expecting it to be a normal yet still hilarious bit of joy.
    I was so wrong. So very, very wrong 😨😅❤👌


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