I.C.U. – The Interactive Horror Game Show [Kickstarter Video]

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So here it is. After a year and a half of secret development- it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to I.C.U.

I.C.U. is a horror game set on a reality TV show controlled by a live Twitch.tv audience. It is essentially s a multiplayer game played between a live-streamer (the contestant) and their viewers (the audience). As the contestant, your goal is to make it out of the episode alive! As the viewer, your role is to customize the surroundings, features, and events of the episode to create the most entertaining experience possible!

For my followers that have no idea what this is, I’d recommend watching this video first:

For everyone else- hi! I.C.U. might be a little unlike most games you’ve seen in recent years. We’ve built the project from the ground up to play on the interaction between Livestreamer and Audience in a way that hasn’t really been attempted before. I hope you’ll enjoy what you see and consider joining the backer family on Kickstarter!

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