Intruder: The Home Invasion from Outer Space!


In a world of cops, robbers, and bananas, it takes an extraterrestrial agent to restore order…

Intruder is a crazy chunky stealth multiplayer game with positional audio and glorious ragdolls. One team is ‘supposed’ to break into a house and secure intelligence while another defends but we don’t do that so much. Stay tuned for more of our missions!

Check out the game:

Super Secret Agents:
Bedbananas –
Tomato –
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Lawlman –
Zuthar –

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Edited by ShayneHawke:

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  1. I love this fricken game. More coming soon! Or if you're impatient check out the full VOD on my Twitch:

  2. You sound a lot like Frisky, but not as lively. I love both of your videos equally. (I am pretty confident that you're both different people lol)

  3. I could just imagine.. Being a guard at some place.. Turning around and suddenly see 3 guys in black outfits leap frogging from cover to cover towards the place you are guarding.. Not sure if I would call for alert or laugh soo hard that the other guards will just come without me alerting them just to see what the hell I am laughing at.

  4. You sounded like Snake for a second there when you said: "They have a monkey with a cannon?" Made me humor smile! 0:43

  5. I imagined the real life scenario where like the seals went to infiltrate a compound and as they walked through the front door all the people there just started slowly flying away into the horizon out the windows, and there was like one guy just face planting into the corner ceiling of the building but doing that weird ragdoll freakout in games when the physics mess up

  6. 9:20 – 9:37 reminds me that pancake episode from clay world. Does anyone even remember that series anymore?


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