John Cena Warm-Up & Stretch | Ep.64 PART ONE


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WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… John Cena needs no introduction in the worlds of WWE & Action Movies. In this world; the world of fitness, he needs no introduction either as Cena’s globally renowned for his amazing physique and incredible strength.

If you want to know just how focused John is, his workout Warm-Up & Stretching routines alone take 50 minutes, and he does that EVERY DAY! Seeing as just the warm-up and stretching bits take so long and are so detailed, we decided to break this Episode into PART ONE & PART TWO… The Lifting segments are just as detailed. This is John Cena folks, he doesn’t mess around when it comes to any aspect of his super successful career. He is the true embodiment of… Brave Change.

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  1. How the hell my man sheamus liking all the comments,
    I mean common reading10k comments, not a joke bruh
    –that's why i love this man

  2. Massive shout out to Sheamus for motivating me to quit my alcoholism" and get in good shape through this channel ! DAY: 53 still going strong 😀 . ALL power to you !

  3. Hey Sheamus (I think I spelled it right sorry if I didnt) I am 320 pounds at 17 years old my legs are in great condition and my arms are fine but my stomach is the only thing I have a problem with how can I fix that do you have certain excersizes I could do for That?
    Ps I don't have any excersize equipment

  4. Your dedicated to this sheamus keep it up man. I remember the first wwe match I watched when I was 4 I believe it was you vs the great khali. Thanks for making my childhood better

  5. Could anyone tell me which workouts are good and won't messwith my growth or anything , I'm new to working out , I'm a 15 year old kid and would really appreciate if I got any advice from someone who has some experience. Thanks in advance! 😀


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