Kevin Durant Gets Sick Of Patrick Beverley & Makes Entire Clippers Pay! Warriors vs Clippers Game 3


Kevin Durant Gets Sick Of Patrick Beverley & Makes Entire Clippers Pay! Warriors vs Clippers Game 3 2019 NBA Playoffs | April 18, 2019 NBA Season

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  1. "If we even get a full playoffs, Clippers are going to give Patrick Beverly the 7 fouls every night to annoy everybody, in what they call" DEFENSE".

  2. Most overrated defender in t he. history of sports, Every time he "D's up" he gets freaking abused by a superstar

  3. KD is going to come back from this achillies injury and win chips and still be the best player in the NBA.

  4. Why won't you come and FIGHT ME REMAH LEE🗣️YOU AINT NO FUCKING BODY 🗣️💯😂💯🗣️💡🗣️🌍💯👸🏼👸🏼👑👑😀😂💯😂🥰😂🥰😂💯😂💯😂💯FAKE ASS HATING BITCH 🗣️💯💯💯💡😊😁😁😁😁

  5. 4:50 after that play KD made a mini limp on his right foot running down the court. First sign on an injury bound to happen

  6. It was blowouts like this that Kerr kept his Starters in waaaayyyy too long. He could've prevented injuries and 3 peated.

  7. KD, you can't stand Patrick Beverley because you can't handle him? You sound just like whiney Westbrook. Westbrook said Patrick runs around the court doing nothing. I do not know why Westbrook says things like this that make him look so stupid. Patrick Beverley has been awarded TWO DPOY!!!

  8. It’s even harder to get in someone’s head defensively when you can’t actually bust their ass on the offense side aswell

  9. I really miss this warriors team, everytime they played u didnt know who was gonna b hot, if not all of on fire, i wish he would've stayed, this team was blockbuster, they definitely would've won 4, 5, 6 rings had they stayed healthy and put the bullshit aside

  10. the league just gives Beverly a different type of whistle, he fouls almost every possession by the common standard of officiating yet league gives him the rainbow light to foul

  11. In Patrick Beverly's utopian NBA, there is no limit to how many times he can foul the opposition, and games take 7 hours to complete


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