KpfPz 70 MBT 70 Lucky Phil World of Tanks Blitz


This is the tank that has really caught my eye in the upcoming event kerfuffle. A sleek German/American collaboration thats running some buzzard 150mm Missile launcher/Conventional gun and has one of the most crownlike Damage per minute numbers in all of tier 9.

ITs VERY different though, and for that, I’m willing to walk the extra mile and see what I can see on behalf of the humans.

Enjoy amigos!

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  1. This tank actually lead into the Abrams and the Leopard II, you can tell by the long Turret, And the low profile. I actually ammoracked a full HP VK. 4502 B, absolutely amazing.

  2. this game fucking sucks and mbt70 is american. it has apfsds, atgms and smoke. no ap or he or heat. it is a medium tank. it doesn't have almost any armor. kpz70 is the GERMAN version. it has an very high max speed and is very agile. it also has a 20mm turret on top of the tank. the thing also almost never bounces shots. it cant go hull down.

  3. Bushka i think some of the humans are angry because of how easy it is for you to obtain these tanks and ect so easily meanwhile they have to work their butt off to make money then buy something that costs 50$+ and then it turning out to be shit all im saying is we all need to be more considerate of the whiny bastards who won't stfu

  4. Holy fu$$, a Tank which has an effektive armor of 380mm at the turret against solid shots, and 200mm at the upper plate, together with an autoloading, about 8sec reload, 152m gun/ATGM Launcher capable of fireing APFSDS rounds, not even mentioning the 1500HP engine which makes this tank have a Horsepower to Ton ratio of 30 !! And all of this at Tier IX …

    -> Sees and Video; WTF!

  5. stop lien dushka is a crap tank, i know u need to lie coz wg make u to lie so u get free tank, I sold my one, i know u want approve this comment bt deep on u you know u lien

  6. ''get down low and stay there lol'' if it's low it's gonna stay that way truthfully this tanks pen isn't the best for its gun, it has decent frontal armor but the sides and back are weak, reload as an e100 truthfully it can be a good tank in situations of providing support but brawling isn't it's best

  7. this vehicle belongs to tier 10, considering the era of its development and technology involved. Putting it in the same league of t 54 is a mistake, bcoz this one is even better than t62 and even t 72 in real life.

  8. Gaigin is about to introduce this tank into War Thunder, and that excites me more than this POS. Tier 8 mediums are eating this thing.

  9. that's because it's a 120mm dumbass America wanted a 150 so it could launch a shilegah atgm and the Germans wanted a conventional 120 there were two version

  10. really interesting.. war thudner creates this tank, world of tanks creates it.. see a pattern? xD


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