LeBron James, Anthony Davis & Kuzma Meet Patrick Beverley & Lou | 2019 Summer League


LeBron James, Anthony Davis & Kyle Kuzma Meet Patrick Beverley & Lou Williams at Lakers vs Clippers summer league game | July 6, 2019
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  1. Yall disrespecting Rondo this mans not playin when it comes Playoffs time yall gonna see my ngga Playoff Rondo ball out yeah fosho

  2. I'm not sure if I could be Kool with you if we are in the same building, and we are going to compete. Like we would have at it! Sooner or later.

  3. Bruh you can clearly see Kuz and Bron was looking like they was shitting on their pants when they Saw Bev and Lou coming in. 😂💯

  4. Shake hands now🤜🤛Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley but in the regular season, LBJ, AD and the Kuz about to get in that ass to show our Lil brother's the Clippers who runs L.A.!!!

  5. LeBron thought he had a friend and Patrick Beverley LeBron was trying to talk to him Patrick Beverley walked right past him and kept shaking other guy's hands I'm so glad Patrick Beverley played this guy

  6. I pray everybody stays healthy because next season is setting up to be the best one ever especially if Klay comes back by February. Can’t wait.

  7. Gotta love Patrick for what he been though making to the NBA he had to take the back streets that why I tell these kids today never give up

  8. Lou & Pat are just greeting two guys who didn't make the playoffs last season and needs to team up to prevent that from happening again.

  9. patrick beverly still act like a dirty bummy nigga when you on the block/street in a shady neighborhood you got to keep your eye on because he might pull out a gun at any moment try to rob you lol

  10. 0:38 dwade looking like he let himself go after retirement..still hanging out with the queen. Lol

    Fyi I know its not dwade but dude sure looks like him lol

  11. I'm just surprised to see a professional ball player rocking another ball players Jersey. HOFer or not. It's like Tom Brady wearing a Brett Farve jersey or Mike Trout wearing a Ken Griffey Jr jersey. Never seen many if any guys ever do that in the same sport.

  12. Kuzma prob wishes he got traded with his best friends….he the only young one left.He's about to get the mario chalmers treatment


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