macbook organization + customization tips/tricks! *MUST DO!!*


how to change the folder icons, get the analog clock screensaver, and create an aesthetic collage background are all shown in this video! i hope you can enjoy these new ways to customize your macbook! #juliakcrist

1.) i am no longer going to be screensaver commissions, im sorry!!
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–link to the analog clock download site:

1:29 : desktop sticky notes
2:39 : hot corners
3:23 : digital clock screensaver
4:37 : how to change folder icons
7:53 : accent colors!!
8:24 : customizing google
8:47 : disappearing dock
9:14 : how to make your own deskop collage

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    ~~PART 2 t !!!!!!!! ~~
    hope you all enjoy these free tips! don't forget to check out my new website!!
    i am no longer going to be screensaver commissions, im sorry!!
    –also yes i realize that it’s a digital clock not an analog clock haha
    love you all, have an ammaaaazing day!!

  2. I’ve been having a lot of fun with your customization videos on all my devices 😂 it makes it so cute and personal! 💕I was wondering tho, does having the digital clock as a screensaver require the laptop to be on and waste the battery? Cause my old MacBook’s battery wears really fast 😅

  3. your tips were really helpful! I just got my MacBook recently and they helped me find ways to keep it organized and neat. Thank you so much:)

  4. Hi i made a wallpaper in canva but for some reason once I download it I cannot make it my wallpaper and I wanted to see if you can help. Thanks for amazing video!

  5. thank you so much for this! i have had my mac for years and it kinda just sat there. now i love being on it, it inspires me to work and it just makes me feel so much happier! 🙂

  6. ive been trying to put a picture in my folder and it isn't working. I've tried all the things you told me to do.

  7. I LOVE this!! Patiently waiting to get home so I can customize my mac pro! Thank you. And your smile is everything!!!

  8. Hi Julia! Quick question about the MacBook custom icons! Does the picture file you choose for the new icon need to stay on the desktop in order for it to still work as an icon for the folders? Thanks!☺️

  9. For the end thing I can’t copy and paste things from Pinterest onto canva without it having like a discription on the bottom so I just used the pictures from canva

  10. Hi I was trying to change the icon for the folder but i was only able to complete one and the other ones i try to do wouldn't work. would you know of the reason?? I have tried both methods with no luck 🙁

  11. If you can’t get the accent colors or dark mode you have to switch to macOS Mojave. Get this to the top so people can see it!!!!!


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