Man of Medan : Itchy Trigger Finger (w/ Tomato)


Best gamer around.
Full VOD:

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Special Thanks to Tomato for joining!

Criken and Tomato are good friends that explore a bunch of big spooky things in big spooky areas in Man of Medan!

Video Edited by FuzzyEdits:


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  1. Kinda sad how you can almost never see these events like Brad facing undead sailors in his version of the QTE in single player.

    They should had made it so you can play the game as one character only, so it's easier to follow everyone's pain.

  2. Yes, Criken and Tomato missed most of the QTEs, but the game itself is pretty terrible. They make this game actually worth watching

  3. Jerma did it first, but hot damn, I'll watch it played through like this again if Criken and Tomato are at the helm!

  4. Listen Edward you need to get the Edward series back on pls I’ve been waiting for so long. Don’t be a kingdom hearts we want Edward and your the only one who can give him to us

  5. As a big fan of your channel whatever happened to sideshow did you guys have a falling out and something happened with creative differences

  6. I gotta say, I'm really liking how this game uses the whole "2 different players, 2 different perspectives" thing to add a level of depth to the experience that you don't get in singleplayer. 😁👍

  7. If 5 college age wannabe black market archeologists were actually taken hostage by a bunch of professional pirates Criken and Tomato's playstyle is probably close to how it'd actually turn out.


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