MHWorld Ep.3 A Kestodon Kerfuffle!


Kerfuffle may just be one of the greatest words ever. Can the next Smash bros be SSB Kerfuffle? Oh right! MHWorld! Explore!

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  1. dude im srry i havnt been watching u but i come back o u having a ps4 and mh world we should mh world some time

  2. i have the monster language as audio for my game on X1, makes it funny to me. Really need to jump back on for at least just the story missions since my friend was really into the game at launch as I was planning to get it myself but he decided to go for it as well. One of the things that bothers me w/ the game is how the co-op is designed since one person has to be ahead and can then help w/ a friend who isn't as far. Too many games on the table right now, hard to find a balance.

  3. Was it just me or was there a bit of static feedback in the video not enough to make it unwatchable or anything just kind of in the background still a great video Alex keep it up oh and Andy 🍪🍪🍪🍪

  4. Meh, I still think the Smithy displays too much of the weapon tree. I liked in previous games you could only see as far as what your weapon(s) could be directly upgraded to, with everything farther up left a surprise.
    And yeah, you'll definitely want to set up your PS4's network and get the game's updates.

  5. while the armor selection sucks the weapons that she sells are usfull (especialy considering that close to all weapons are made from the iron and bone weapons)


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