Mindshow VR: Backstage Criken's Brain Theater


Check out the full VR Stream here:

We were invited to try out a new VR game while Bedbananas, Tomato, and Shayne were all in town for Twitch Con and we made this fun little show as a result!

This was both our first time filming a video in VR as well as filming something all together in person and I think it came out really well! Hope you guys feel the same way!

Our talented cast:
Bedbananas –
Tomato Gaming –
Shayne Hawke –

Thanks to Shayne Hawke for Editing this great piece:

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  1. Welcome to my Mindshow! This is our first video in VR as well as our first video with Bedbananas, Tomato, and Shayne Hawke all together in person! Those boys came out to visit LA for Twitch Con so I booked this special stream with the Mindshow team to record while we had the chance. Hope you enjoy it! I know we had a blast and would love to do more sometime.
    Check out the full VOD on my Twitch channel! https://go.twitch.tv/videos/187962499

  2. I love how when Bed first begins the video with his part, he puts some much emotion into his act and creates a set up on the fly.

    Which is then followed by Criken. Being Criken.

  3. I thought you would put it all together at the end so we can watch the movie do you think you can do that for us if you haven't already

  4. You know it’s weird coming back to a video that last song I really liked but didn’t know the name of it and coming back like a year later and then hear that song like oh wow that’s from a hat in time well shit


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