Minecraft RLCraft : The Desert Journey


A great, wholesome adventure.
Full VOD:

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Today we play one of the hardest Minecraft Mods – RLCraft! Some would says it’s a bit too hard. So watch as I explore with friends in this real life like world with temperature, body damage, super difficult monsters, rage moments, and more!

RLCraft Boys:

Video Edited by Shaynehawke:

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  1. Criken: "Oh orc, will you let down your hair?"
    Orc: "No."
    Criken: "Oh, can I at least use your stairs?"
    Orc: "Yes."
    He has the personality of Wilhelm from Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Loves fighting, but little talking. XD

  2. RLCraft looks cool. But i want to RP as a battle mage if you can even us magic. Can you?

  3. Seriously, try sevtech:ages, it lets to be cavemen and progress through technological ages! And galacticraft as endgame

  4. *Sees the tree*
    Me: Lawlman's going to burn it down later isn't he.
    Lawlman: We're going to burn down the world tree

  5. Would've been more enjoyable if I could see shit for half the video, liked either way tho
    I prefer obnoxiously high brightness setting in night than not seeing anything

  6. RLCraft is legitimately just a bit bad though, just a bunch of cool mods chucked together with very little thought put into how together they'd turn into an absolute mess

  7. Meanwhile buck is summoning satin himself in gta while criken and others play a peaceful game of Minecraft while tomato is raging on something


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