Minecraft RLCraft : The New Squire


Squires and Dragons, oh my.
Full VOD:

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Today we play one of the hardest Minecraft Mods – RLCraft! Some would says it’s a bit too hard. So watch as I explore with friends in this real life like world with temperature, body damage, super difficult monsters, rage moments, and more!

RLCraft Boys:

Video Edited by Shaynehawke:

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  1. Youll probably never read this and if you do sorry some people might not care, but since youtube has proven time and time again to be a bad platform by silencing freedom of speech im probably just gonna boycott or not watch youtube anymore, I know thats stupid to say, boycotting wont do anything to a billion dollar company, but honestly most monopolys are corrupt with power that people have no say over. So who cares right… anyway youre a pretty good youtuber sorry that Im not going to watch your vids or continue to support you.. wish you all the best

  2. Me to the squad: "We should play RLCraft"
    The squad: Cries in "that's too hard" "I don't play Minecraft to play Dark Souls"

  3. the people screaming as they get picked up by monsters only for it to fade away as they're taken into the sky slays me every time

  4. Dude seeing how powerful they became makes me feel bad for criken, which is why we run out of multiplayer content, because they leave him behind, sucks.

  5. You should pull a sort of betrayal act, and betray your "Lord" when you get enough people and powerful items.

    Edit: After watching the entire video, you may need a full restart for that to actually be a viable option at this point.

    Edit, edit: I also have to wonder if any of them had a duplicating machine, considering just how quickly they were able to get everything and in such great bulk in such a short amount of time.

  6. i honestly despise mob farms i understand it but i hate it so much as soon as someone sets one up i lose so much interest in the server

  7. I want…. So badly, I want to play lol. It's so awesome looking, literally I can make some lord of the rings type shit in creative.

  8. The trinket and baubles desc. of the fairy ring.
    Ring of the Fairies – When Equipped the player is 1/4 the Normal Size. Gives Creative Flight. Jump Height and Step Height is Reduced. – Gives a Climbing Ability -Health is greatly Reduced -Players Damage is Halved – Can not Equip alongside the Ring of the Dwarves.

    Gives Creative Flight
    Criken is yet to gain his true power

  9. I don't know why, watching this live and seeing the edited videos have both been a sense of magic, both equally as magic.


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