MINION vs. GARFIELD! Super Smash Bros DLC? (FGTEEV Parents Battle Face Cam) Wii U


Heavily Requested! Here it is, some new DLC for Super Smash Bros! Garfield vs. Minion (aka Garfiield and Miinion), that’s right they are D.L.C., Dorky Little Characters that FGTEEV Duddy made for the MII fighters. Enjoy and Mom vs. Dad in this two-5 minute battle fight. We hope you enjoyed this! As our returning fight starts off slow, it gets better(

Thumbs up for more Super Smash Bros Wii U D.L.C. action!

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  2. Nada Nasser and the other day I was just thinking about you guys doing it for a few minutes ago but it's still not. again


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