Modded Hardcore Skyrim: Beartha the Brave [Ep. 1]


Watch the full VOD on my Twitch channel here ►►

Here’s my mod-list used for this series thus far ►►

So here’s a little experiment I’ve been running over at my Twitch channel for the last few weeks… basically I’ve installed 180+ mods for Skyrim that add wildly varying difficulty, characters, environments, cameos, and gorgeous babes. We then try to survive in these unpredictable wastes for as long as possible. Once a character dies, they’re dead for good!

Thanks to my wonderful chat for being ‘eternally supportive’ in this adventure. See you on the next installment!

This series was partly inspired by two great existing Skyrim series, please check them out:
Polyogn’s Touch the Skyrim:
Ster’s Skyrim Permadeath:

For updates on future stream times, follow along on my Twitter:


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  1. Hope you folks enjoy this weird return to Skyrim! There's PLENTY more where this came from… comedy and heartbreak await..

  2. Skyrim needs a proper pokemon mod that adds pokeball weapons that work like bows. Pick em up in bundles of 10 at any general store.
    You gotta weaken enemies to catch em, and even then, stronger enemies have lower chances of being caught.
    Successfully catch one, and it becomes a conjuration spell with red summon animations instead of purple.
    If it dies, you can't use the spell again until you "heal" it at an aedra shrine.
    Replace all combat music with fire red and emerald fight music, and the dragon theme with legendary music.

    A wild alduin appeared! Go cicero!
    Cicero! Cicero!

  3. I have watched a total of about 1 minute of your content but I can be sure, without a hint of doubt….that I need to sub and follow your exploits..


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