Modded Hardcore Skyrim: Woody Allen the Woeful [Ep. 3]


Watch part 2 of the Modded Skyrim series here ►►

Watch the full VOD on my Twitch channel here ►►

Here’s my mod-list used for this series thus far ►►

So here’s a little experiment I’ve been running over at my Twitch channel for the last few weeks… basically I’ve installed 180+ mods for Skyrim that add wildly varying difficulty, characters, environments, cameos, and gorgeous babes. We then try to survive in these unpredictable wastes for as long as possible. Once a character dies, they’re dead for good!

Thanks to Shayne Hawke for cutting this video together!

Thanks to my wonderful chat for being ‘eternally supportive’ in this adventure. See you on the next installment!

This series was partly inspired by two great existing Skyrim series, please check them out:
Polyogn’s Touch the Skyrim:
Ster’s Skyrim Permadeath:

For updates on future stream times, follow along on my Twitter:


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  1. Woody Allen is a tragic protagonist and so is my original hedghehod please do no not judge them.
    Watch Episode 2 here ► ►

  2. Breaking news: Woody Allen was brutally taken down police in his attempt to escape from Jail. Some reports indicate that Tommy Wiseau aided in the escape attempt. More news as this story develops.

  3. WOW a chair and a body of wood for ikea born i'm offended by that mod not by you criken old video super late comment haha i suck


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