Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Babysitting 101


Watch the big hunt here!

This video of Monster Hunter Babysitting is the first in a two part series I’m participating in in-which a veteran (me) is asked to teach a new Monster Hunter player the mechanics of the game in preparation for a big hunt in the second video. I agreed to take part mostly because I love this game and I was curious to see how far my ‘teaching’ could really get anybody….

The second video will probably be uploaded at the end of this month / early November so look out for that to see the results of how we did!

Special thanks to Lucahjin for putting up with my academic abuse and making this struggle a fun time. Check out her video here:



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  1. Shouldn't one just play offline to learn the basics? o_O

    Unless that's the wrong way…. And I've been doing it wrong…

  2. "how to play monster hunter" me:ummm ? hit,hit,hit,loot,loot,loot,farm,farm,farm,make equip. done u learned the game


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