Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Hunting Hi-Jinks Part 1


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Check out PBG’s perspective video on his channel:

Criken, Chippers, PBG, and ProJared try their hands at a bit of cooperative monster hunting. We actually turn out to be a bit better than expected (despite my handicap when it comes to water monsters). The game is pretty self-explanatory as all you really do is hunt monsters in a variety of environments and situations. We all played on the WiiU (which gave us a little trouble with the audio) but was pretty smooth for the most part.

Monster Hunters:
– Criken (White Text)
– PeanutButterGamer (Orange Text)
– ProJared (Green Text)
– Chippers (Yellow Text)



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  1. Pretty sure the name you were looking for, when talking about the guy that shot the apple off of someone's head, was William Tell.

  2. I was really loving Criken's costume….until it started reminding me of Limbo. After that it was all I could see.

  3. I really hope criken does a few videos of mhgen

    I just want to see him beating up monsters with the teddybear hammer

  4. Fun Fact: Royal Ludroths are actually the male of the Ludroth species while all the smaller Ludroths are actually the females.

  5. It's funny how most people in the comments are saying "What is this game played on? 3DS or WIIU?" Apparently no-one reads the description of videos. He says he plays it on WIIU in the description. And it is also funny that no-one likes to look up anything about games on the internet. It is pretty simple to type "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" and find their website and see what the game is running on. You guys are so stupid!

  6. I feel like I was one of the few people who enjoyed the underwater mechanic and want them to bring it back. The freedom of being able to move in any direction just made fighting monsters more fun for me.


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