Monster Hunter 4: Monkey Business w/ Cry and Criken


Cry and Criken take on the terrible Monkey Man of Monster Hunter 4. Check out the game here!

Monster Hunter is a scary game because you never know what sort of horrors you’re going to come across out in the wilds. For us… it was the elephant monkey man. The monkey man was vicious. He had sharp shiny claws and silly fluffy ears. His nose trumpet was at-least the size of three man. Will the two novice hunters be able to defeat this unearthly horror? Watch to find out!

…In part two we take on…the frog boy. Be on the watch for that…

Criken – White Text
Cry – Red Text


This video was part of a promotion campaign for Capcom.


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  1. "we were so close" i can tell when a monster is nearly dead and so can a few others, and that kecha wacha was NOT nearly dead just because his ears were broken

  2. i wonder if Criken thought he would ever be playing with another popular youtuber when he was like 14 and making left 4 dead videos…ive been watching him since those many years and I was the sameeee ageee….good old days. I love criken and cry c:

  3. If they think Kecha and Tetsu are horrific, wait until they challenge monsters like Akantor and Dalamadur. Especially Dalamadur.

    I solo'd Dalamadur. I still have PTSD from the experience.

  4. As an avid player of MH, you have no idea how red my ears were with rage over the incompetence of it all

    Still hilarious though, so still good


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