Mount & Blade: The Napoleonic Wars Musical

The flute is mightier than the gunpowder.

We brave soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars surrender ourselves up completely to the music of war for the purposes of enlightening and uplifting our fellow team-mates. (I also hear flute players inherently have very big penis)

Orchestra Members:
-Criken (White Text)
-DOWNS_CHICKEN (Yellow Text)
-Skippy (Red Text)
-Oats (Green Text)
-Waddy (Purple Text)
-Industrial (Pink Text)
-Hero_Swe (Blue Text)
-Martz (Light Blue Text)
-StEvE-O (Orange Text)

The game we are playing is a mod/expansion to Mount and Blade Warband called Napoleonic Wars. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a realistic concert simulator.

We used the program “Mumble” to chat together in this video which has a feature called ‘Positional Audio’. When you hear voices coming from different people in the game that’s how it’s done.

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