Natural Selection 2: Darwinism for Dummies

Criken and the space crew take on aliens of all sizes and girths in this action packed gameplay montage of Natural Selection 2. In particular, we discovered tentacle whips are completely terrifying, Onos can fit in just about every small place that comes to mind, and that Gorges are great for belly drifting and building space dicks.

In all serious though we found Natural Selection 2 pretty fun. It has a unique mix between fps and rts action combined with a lot of strategic elements and fun alien races. Available on steam here:

-Criken (White Text)
-Waddy (Green Text)
-Shayne Hawke (Blue Text)
-Skippy (Red Text)
-Boon (Purple Text)
-Casualties (Yellow Text)

Song Samples:
-Born to Be Wild by Steppenwulf
-Thus Spoke Zarathustra (2001 Space Odyssey Theme)

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