OctoDad Shorts: MEDICAL MESS Pt. 2 w/ CAPTION THAT Game (Dadliest Catch DLC Part 13 FGTEEV FACECAM)

Dad is back as an OctoDad Nurse again in Part 2 of the DLC OctoDad Shorts, Medical Mess. The Face Cam got buggy and what do we do with buggy face cam footage? TURN IT INTO A GAME!
Caption That! Every so often, a frame from the face cam freezes, if you can think of what “caption” should go with that face, feel free to leave the number and phrase in the description! Hoping for some laughs from you guys on this one. But we know you’ll enjoy this episode, it’s pretty fun!

Yes we know our later Octodad Vids are misnumbered. This is Part 13 though!


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Skylander Dad be playing that OctoDad yo!

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