Outer Wilds : Space Hobo Banjo Jams


Funny Gravity Cannon bits in this one.
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Time to explore the depths of space, with your friendly astronaut Criken! The galaxy sure can be a strange and dangerous place, but when we fly around in our trusted ship, nothing can possibly go wrong! And even if it does, who cares?? It isn’t the end of the world!

Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. I want to see more of this
    trully I want to know what wil lbe the purpose the final reasoning it inspires and suprises me as I want to know what it signifies it all at the end..can you stop the cathastrophy from happening?
    Can you save yourself and your race
    What will then happend?

  2. This game deeply disturbs me on a really fundamental level. Its hard to describe, but for example when criken crashed into that water planet with the black hole in the middle (or whatever that thing is) I was absolutely terrified.

    Or when he fell into those black holes, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I had goosebumps. This game is not for me

  3. I highly reccomend anyone before you watch play this game, its amazing and you can only really experience it once

  4. It would be cool to see Edward as he returns to his kingdom and now protects it from the forces of evil no matter if the kingdom needs help or not.

  5. Criken2 looks good with facial hair. I wouldn't know about criken1 but criken2 is really rocking that beard.

  6. Episode title; time paradox
    Me, knowing there's a literal time paradox ending to the game if you do just the right thing; OH NO NO NO NO

  7. 10:30 That was one of the most dead-on impressions of that Mickey Mouse cartoon clip that I thought I had something open in another tab at first.

  8. If you need help remembering confusing and important stuff like information about the quantum moon, just check your ship's log. It'll retain all information you've gathered throughout all timelines.

  9. Someone tell Criken you can hold the probe in your hand and change to photo mode lol. It hurts that he shoots it to take pictures on the interloper

  10. The matter inside the stone was ghost matter. The nomai were killed because the stone ruptured, blanketing the entire world with ghost matter.

  11. I am in awe at how you completely didn't see that lava planet coming into view before crashing into it.

  12. Criken if you didnt realise the stone pye was talking about was like a casing with super dense amount of ghost matter and if you didnt see it had been ruptured


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