Patrick Beverley says guarding LeBron James is no challenge | NBA on ESPN


Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams speak to the media after the LA Clippers’ 112-103 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, with Beverley (1:20) shutting down a question about guarding LeBron James, calling it no challenge.

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  1. Why is it delusional for someone to be fearless against one of the best players in this era??? Who cares if he’s not afraid of lebron , you have to respect his mentality. You don’t see that mentality anymore

  2. Even though what he said is not factually accurate I love what he said for the simple fact that he said it. You have to realize he actually blocked LeBron on Christmas Day to get the win. This loss is not a big deal because it's a regular season game. That's what they've been saying when they were winning so why losing one game should change the narrative right now. If this happened in the conference finals and he said that then I would say he better play the greatest defence of all time in the next game. This is the difference between him and Draymond Green. He plays a better game than Draymond Green and took the elite Golden State to six games and no all stars.

  3. Give them the numbers. We have -number of losses. – number of wins. We have — this number of games to the end of the season.

  4. Scan the floor. The basketball court shows they have there hands out. Stop. Bounce the ball and pass it. Our thinking: show me that you are here to Win!

  5. LeBron is the "best" to ever do it…to the people that listen to other idiots that are delusional. NBA players can tell you themselves…no challenge. That's not how the "best" are categorized.

  6. Somebody needs to tell Patrick Beverly and Jimmy Butler to comb their hair plus these are two grown men not combing their hair.

  7. I hope this coronavirus scare is enough to shake you people of your addiction. Watch college sports. The NBA bows to china.
    Stop buying tickets and merchandise


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