Pixelmon One-Type Challenge: Cheaters Never Win [Ep. 3]


I will be the biggest B.O.S.S of them all!
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We’re starting our totally sanctioned Minecraft adventure in Pixelmon Generations playthrough! The gang all got together and rolled to see what random Pokemon type we’d have to play through the entire game as. Each player can only build a team using that type and at the end we’d have a big tournament to find out who’s the real Pixelmon Master.

The trainers are as follows:
Criken – Poison Type
Tomato – Electric Type
Dave5005 – Bug Type
Strippin – Ghost Type
Rubyfair – Dark Type
JoeFudge (Vaell) – Steel Type
Boon – Psychic Type
Lawlman – Fire Type
Shayne Hawke – Rock Type
Cheeky – Ground Type
Zyke – Ice Type
Charborgg – Dragon Type

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Edited by Brett Ultimus!

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  1. If I was ever joining such an event, I'd go just eeveelutions. Not allowed to have any other pokémon that's not an eevee unless it's the starter just to get an eevee.


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