Planetside 2: The Big Brazilian Bash Ft. Cry & Strippin


Criken Cry and Strippin take to the unforgiving wastes of Planetside 2 with their horde of Brazilian soccer goal soldiers. Check out the game:

In this video we storm the enemy bases with our hundreds of poorly piloted vehicles and die in glorious bursts of fire a lot a lot.

In the second video (coming next week) we take to the skies and battle the enemy under the night sky! Things only get more chaotic when the sun goes down so be sure to check it out.

Time Splitters 2 – Mexican Mission

Special thanks to Cry and Strippin for joining in on the fun. Check out their videos on the event here:

This video is part of a brand promo Planetside asked us to do announcing the release of Planetside 2 on PS4. If you like what you see maybe consider checking it out! We had a lot of fun with it.



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  1. 4:13 "alright boys, the T.R will be here any minute with a swarm of sunderers, so I need you maggots on your A game if we are-"

    "Sir their all dead"

    "The fuck?"

    "Ya, they all ran over eachother and exploded before they even got half way to the battlefield"


  2. Being a PS2 player, it is hilarious that Criken tries to take the crown, especially with that level of cluelessness. GG Criken.

  3. So many discussions about Football, Futbol, Soccer and American Football. Sigh, just enjoy the video for goodness' sake.


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