Rainbow Six Siege: Not Good Very Bad Terrible Squad


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We are not good very bad terrible at Rainbow Six Siege but honestly love playing it so much because of that fact. In this episode the boys attempt to win even one round of this stupid game. (They don’t)

The Squad:
Criken (White Text)
Bedbananas (Yellow Text)
Tomato Gaming (Red Text)
Zuthar13 (Purple Text)
MrLawlman (Blue Text)

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  1. do you want to be not good very bad terrible too?!?
    Watch the full VOD here for instructions: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/171211067
    (The trick is not trying)

  2. "Why didn't you save Bed?!"
    Bed dies.

    "Criken will remember this." appears on the corner of Zuthar's screen.

  3. I love watching these guys play games, because as Criken said "We're quite obviously roleplayers and not competitive gamers". Honestly, competitive gamers are boring, people that actually have fun playing is always a lot better because there's less salt.

  4. where the guns at gets me everytime


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