Red Dead Redemption 2 Kerfuffle – Kinda Funny Games Daily 10.15.18


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Fran Mirabella has left IGN after 18 years, and today, he’s here to talk about the video game news!

00:08:40 – Housekeeping
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The Roper Report –
00:09:18 – 100-Hour Weeks on Red Dead Redemption 2, James Batchelor GI
00:24:09 – No Halo Infinite at X018
00:27:46 – Digital Sales of COD BLOPS 4 Break Records, Christopher Dring GIB
00:31:18 – Yakuza Milestone, Mike Harradence
00:34:00 – Out today
Reader mail –
00:43:00 – Now that you have finished AC Odyssey which is your favorite Odyssey? AC or Super Mario? I know they are both very different games but which one is better? Which game is your favorite of the two? Do you think there is a difference between a game being your favorite and the best game? – Wispa
00:45:58 – You’ve mentioned several times recently that you love Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and now that you’ve completed it, I was wondering how you feel it stacks up to your two current front runners, I presume, for Game of the Year: God of War and Spider-Man? Can it be considered to be on that level or is it slightly below on a, say, Monster Hunter World tier? – Andy from England
00:49:00 – Do you think it is a good time to purchase a PSVR? – Chris from Missouri
00:52:45 – I’m just sitting here playing Fallout Shelter and it made me wonder, are there any mobile games which you guys just couldnt stop playing even long after their lifespan? – Chris from Loneon
00:57:35 – I saw this article
about how there is someone who is sending messages via the PlayStation network that can possibly brick your system! They are advising us to change our privacy setting on our messages to PRIVATE!
Something that can be done from the ps messages app. So better safe than sorry. – Michaelangelooo
01:00:18 – Squad Up: Ooops!
01:00:25 – One of them rotatin’ segments: Bad PSN Name – Kim Ahlstrom
01:02:05 – You‘re Wrong
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  1. I previously worked at an amazon fulfillment center at an entry level counter/amnesty position. And i/we were required during peak and prime times…. to work 6 days a week 10-12 hour shifts.

  2. Everyone knows they're a big company but I feel 2k influenced them too speed it up for release but not an accusation just a thought. But a percentage of them probably were really passionate to be there.

  3. Fran quit cuz they've been ganging up on him on fireteam chat. F Destin! I'm with you Fran! Not enough Power per hour, son!

  4. Heard about and known of Fran for years but this is the first thing I’ve ever SEEN him on!! All the best 👍🏼

  5. Hey… um… never watched or listened to Fran before, but PLEASE get him on as a more regular co-host/host. He is awesome.

  6. Really sad statement from Rockstar. I'm sure it's representative of much of the game industry. People who's passion it is to make video games are taken advantage of by having them work long hours. If you're against it then you're seen as lazy and not wanting to see the company succeed and shown the door. Maybe it's similar to the culture as I understand there is in America where it's frowned upon if you take all of your annual leave you're entitled to?

  7. Kevin is an idiot putting him on the spot with those alcohol at work stories. You can tarnish/ruin someone's reputation in the work force with that stuff especially when the guy is going 2 be self employed looking for sponsors and such. Big mouth Kevin needs to think b4 he talks!

  8. Has Red Dead Redemption 2 gone gold yet officially? It’s 10 days out and I haven’t heard anything yet.. unless I missed it.

  9. kerfuffle in the poophole. gotta love it. play the bango and bang the bitches while a dwarf jerks off to the whole scene. thats life in the west yo


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