Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – It Was A Dark & Stormy Night…


Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is a delightfully ridiculous comedy-horror DLC campaign for Red Dead Redemption, and with both Red Dead Redemption 2 and Halloween around the corner, this seemed like an excellent time to give it a look…

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  1. No Jon. There is no John and Bonnie. Bonnie has feelings for John but John doesn't have those feelings. John thinks of Bonnie as a good friend and nothing else. He has a wife and son who he loves and they love him too, forever much you can't understand the saying "bicker like a married couple"

  2. john is madly inlove with Abigail
    the player on the other hand want a happy ending with bonnie. poor player. 😂😂😂

  3. Somewhere out there, Micah, Arthur, Lenny, Hosea, Sean, Kieran, Molly, and Miss Grimshaw are walking around, causing trouble for folk and eating human flesh.

  4. God I wish you'd just play the fucking game! Managed to 40 minutes but shit gameplay! And it's a hitching post not a pitching post dumbass

  5. Honestly one of the best DLC's ever. Still remember it all so well.
    How they never saw that hand I will never know.

  6. About red dead 2: i hate the lack of sex with whores. I have a Bunch of feelings and that lack in the game broke damn near every one of’em.

  7. Gettting wasted and watching red undead redemp @ 330am in the morn. 100 proof rum. Thanks, many a true nerd. This is the only thing that could hold my attenntion.

  8. I honestly do not think, with the kind of man John is, that he would remarry if Abigail was dead, I just feel he's the type of person who, even in death is just too "faithful" to actually ever be with another woman.

  9. Also how about "Undead Nightmare: Pacifist Run" where you only use the lasso (except for Uncle, and cutscene shootings)

  10. Still better than red dead 1 & 2 they should have made red dead redemption undead 2 instead of red dead redemption


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