Resident Evil 5: The Dangers of Africa


*Minor Plot Spoilers*

Africa. The home of thousands of infected Asians, Mexicans who look like Stalin, and even a few black people. It’s up to fridge-man Chris and Roche- I mean Sheva to save the day.

Yet another thrilling play-through of a Capcom game. There’s never a dull moment with their slow moving plot, awkward cut-scenes, and batshit insane protagonists. (Seriously Wesker is a boss and Irving makes the most distorted facial reactions I’ve ever seen)

Please don’t ask me what I did to break the game so much at the end. It’s honestly not worth it.

Song is “Cheescake Mania” from the Dead Rising 2 soundtrack
Mods at the end done with wilsono’s trainer.


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  1. The real danger for Chris in RE5 is being so far away from Leon and Claire in order to see that the Redfield Lineage continues.

  2. "Gawwk! Cough cough! Im choking on zombie food! GAKK!" turns into zombie "i will be better than anything you imagine!


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