Resident Evil 5: The Dangers of Africa

*Minor Plot Spoilers*

Africa. The home of thousands of infected Asians, Mexicans who look like Stalin, and even a few black people. It’s up to fridge-man Chris and Roche- I mean Sheva to save the day.

Yet another thrilling play-through of a Capcom game. There’s never a dull moment with their slow moving plot, awkward cut-scenes, and batshit insane protagonists. (Seriously Wesker is a boss and Irving makes the most distorted facial reactions I’ve ever seen)

Please don’t ask me what I did to break the game so much at the end. It’s honestly not worth it.

Song is “Cheescake Mania” from the Dead Rising 2 soundtrack
Mods at the end done with wilsono’s trainer.


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