Resident Evil 6: [The Highlight Zone] – Part 1


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Criken and Oats are back at it again, this time in the HORRORible Resident Evil 6! Things get pretty spooks in this one so I hope you’ve come prepared. Between shooting the President, crawling with knives, stealing cars, and crashing cars… this really looks like every other Resident Evil. It’s funny as hell.

The Voices:
Criken – (White Text)
Oats – (Yellow Text)
The Game – (Black Text)

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  1. Я вам все сакажу идете работатат угарайте пока жизнь покажет

  2. 4:41 She's been bit. She's gonna turn now. Wait… she isn't? But she got bit?
    Seriously, f*ck developers that put in these animations.

  3. Leon- the only man i have ever known to be able to go from saving the presidents daughter, to killing the president.

  4. It amazes me how Criken can manage to make a game as terrible as RE6 look like something that's enjoyable. Kudos to Criken. 😀

  5. Would be especially good if you could interrupt character dialogue, or at least pause it.

    "Looks – oof! – like – ahg!  Oof! – It's safe."

    The dialogue feels like the original RE 1.  Not the remake, but the 90s version.

    Barry: "Yeah?  Yeah yeah."


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