Resident Evil 7: Daddy & Me


Watch Criken’s Resident Evil 6 playthrough ►►

Recorded live on Criken’s Twitch stream ►►

Resident Evil 7 is like the family I never had. Daddy even taught me how to drive hes so nice thank you. Mommy cooks so well and Wheels always knows just what to say. I love my family.

This series will be a list of highlights from my Twitch streams of Resident Evil 7. Viewers were able to donate various amounts of $ to trigger different SFX jumpscares as you’ll see throughout the video. Future Twitch streams are announced here for anyone looking to participate!

Thanks to my co-commentators during this stream for keeping me sane:
Chippers –
Shayne Hawke –

Banjo Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion

Special thanks to Shayne Hawke for editing as well!

See you all Sunday for the next episode 🙂


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  1. cricken looks alot similar to what i thought he would .. love the vids anyways and high 5s to the editors aswell 🙂


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