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Tonight we will discuss the possible first major casualties in The Streaming Wars. Watchmen, Dark Tower, and the Game of Thrones prequels. Is The Fall of Skywalker a billion dollar Disney Star Wars flop? Disney Star Wars turning the page. The Baby Yoda distraction. James Bond is a man…still. Doctor Who Rotten Tomatoes.
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  1. I do ship some stuff but that article was so ridiculous. Reylo is not the biggest fanbase and as a girl I don't understand how reylo is pro woman. The dude kidnaps her

  2. It wouldn't shock me if Disney was still in the red overall with the LucasFilm purchase and ROS just started making some profit. Once you factor marketing and the theater cut in with the production costs, movies that expensive need to make a billion before even seeing a dime in profit. Disney's MO now, and really the MO of the entire entertainment industry right now, is to just keep acquiring rights and cranking out product to generate enough buzz to keep the stock prices high enough to continue to issue bonds and rack up more corporate debt to keep the cycle going. It won't last forever. And streaming is not nearly as lucrative as the old VHS and DVD rental and retail market was just 10 and especially 15 years ago. Back in the old Blockbuster days, a studio could count on its mega hits generating an extra 50% even 100% on top of what the BO receipts were via rentals. All of it passive and no major input cost to the studio. And then the explosion of DVD in the 2000s made a ton of money for studios, especially the reissuing of nostalgia tv and film on DVD — which is largely responsible for creating the nostalgia fest we see in Hollywood today. But that's all largely gone now. And as awesome as streaming is for the consumer and as sexy as it looks for the studio execs, for the studios' accounting departments it's more like owning a car than owning land. Being vertically integrated in a streaming service is an expense, it's not really an investment.

  3. I can't trust these guys now. Spiderman 2 is a godawful piece of garbage. It's a pathetic film with atrocious acting. Toby McGuire is literally the worst actor I've ever seen. How can Gary of all people think spiderman 2 is one of the best super hero films l.

    – respect

  4. Does everyone reeeeally love the mandalorian that much? I certainly haven't revisited it and only a few moments really stood out to me. I know, I'm a bummer.

  5. To be honest the only way to save Star Wars is de-canonize the SQL Trilogy and start over again which will most likely won’t happen, and that’s why I’m a EU fan is because it gives me a good story after return of the Jedi and allows me to stay a Star Wars fan

  6. Someone in a profession unrelated to politics, trying to lecture people about politics. Data analyst that probably has a women's studies degree.

  7. This is why I pay DVD over Nerdrotic – DVD is real entertainment, not reading an article in a circle jerk. Also, not making up bullshit excuses for just not doing promised ExoZone; Gary is the new George Noory.

  8. She needs to do better research and get info from ALL sides, not just the ones she likes. If she knew about the Fandom Menace, she couldn't have written that article. She doesn't know anything about the FM. She just stereotypes from a distance.

  9. Wait a minute?!, is this sh_t head defending Reylos? You can tell this article is a whiny man slam piece when she is defending people (WOMEN) who have harassed Adam Drivers wife, who were sending death threats to Jar jar, Boyega and other people over the internet because they didn;t like how the "space wizards" fake relationship ended up. And she's worrying about these turds being bullied. You can tell she is really paying attention and this isnt just a click bait article. Oh and Gamergate?!!?!? Yeah, total Click Bait.

  10. National Treasure Three will be an sjw wokefest,starring Nichola cage as the new Lara Croft esque globe trotting problem solving treasure seeking female Sherlock Holmes or should that be Shirley Holmes.🤣😂

  11. Bladerunner 2049 was one of only a few perfect scripts. Add to that some fantastic acting and faultless cinematography and you get a cinematic masterpiece.

  12. So I was right about Pedro not being in the costume. Well I was already not going to re-up to D+ for Mandalorian retconning RoS, so this does not piss me off too much. Just proves that everyone (even Favreau) at Disney is being told to lie whenever they can.

  13. Why why why must every single video you put out spews negatively? That's the reason you and your channel has become so stagnant and barley growing, actually it's going backwards . It's ok it vent and critique things but you go in with a preconceived opinion already made before you've seen anything. You are the mirror image of what you proclaim to hate, the woke sjw crowd , well you are just like them but the opposite version. You refused to even acknowledge good parts and good story plots in certain aspects of shows and movies you cover. Perhaps try and find some positivity in your vids and perhaps you might find some positivity in your life and your channel because the worlds become a angry nasty place and you just add to it. I would hate to be angry and negative and always looking at things to critique put down and just be nasty about all the time. It was actually a topic that came up between me and my friends about YouTubers that cover the things we enjoy, Take example Star Wars Theory he's a very balanced in what he says, hes more than happy to say that he doesn't like a lot of things an but also looks for the positives he can take from something like tros. the good and the bad and the ugly (balance) but you refuse to take any good and just want things to fail rather than succeed. We use to enjoy your channel but you have literally become what people say are the basement neckbeard negativity Crew which you seem to be the worst. Lightin up man. Take some inspiration from the quartering and others and at least try to put some positivity in our lives rather than just all this hate and negativity which can't be healthy for you and I'm sure you will see more success and everyone like to see a balanced approach to things, take what I say with a Grain of salt as I'm Nobody but a fan of the same things your are. Or should I say use to be. You probably won't even see this but if you do perhaps have a honsnt think about your approach to pretty much anything you cover lately. Why would people continue to watch something that only gives out negativity time and time again without giving some hope some rays of joy and some laughter, just lighten up dude… all of these fictional things were made up to be fun so add a bit of fun to them even if they aren't to your liking I'm sure you can find some parts you can enjoy and have a laugh with your audience. I want to see you succeed because you'd have valid points and seem very intelligent well-informed on the majority of topics you cover but when it's only heading in One Direction it gets old pretty quick

  14. Who cares about a stupid Obi Wan show? The character arcs of the story is ultimately junk. Luke Skywalker is a incel snowflake!

  15. @1/4 Black Garret – you make the point that Disney purchased Marvel and Star Wars to boost their portfolio of content for boys – I don't think this is quite right. Although you're correct, that the medium and characters had always been geared towards boys, since the early 2010's, Marvel has been actively trying to rebrand towards girls and women. Sana Amanat is behind a lot of this. RJ @ The 4th Age does a great job outlining this, here on Youtube.

  16. They will MeToo you when you cheat on your wife or husband <mehehe 2 genders>
    They will promote polygamy, give your wife a "cheat" pass for Christmas and other things to cheat on each other. Hmmmm, lol.


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