Salt and Sanctuary : The Chef and the Jester (ft. Tomato)


Have a potato.
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Hark! A princess vanished in the dead of night – it is time to call forth the assistance of the chaos gods! Meet Tomato, and humble chef with an expertise in potato tossing – and Criken, a nightmarish jester with the power of fire on his side! Who will survive in this Salt & Sanctuary?

Check out Tomato:

Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. That merchant you encountered who sold the fang and hair will sell boss armor to you. By the way, will you consider doing the Dishwasher games (Dead Samurai and Vampire Smile)? Either way, have a great day.

  2. Criken, you could see white tripwires on the ground that trigger the traps like the logs when you walk over them. Just keep an eye out and jump over them and you'll be fine.

  3. Im veyr glad people are replaying this game again I felt quite bad as It felt not allot of people were talking about it that much

  4. This is literally my favorite game of all time I was REALLY hoping and waiting for Crik to play this holy SHIT please
    Please finish this game all the way through because it’s SO good
    i would
    Also totally give pointers kek

  5. can't believe they chose to end the video just a few seconds before criken's pleasant chat with the Queen of Smiles

  6. unless the balance patch they did changed something, greatswords and the rapid-fire spells are the strongest damage dealers in the game, oppressively so, in fact.

  7. 8:46 Cricken. Go to this ledge when you are standing and press The interaction butten when you are standing next to The wall

  8. 5:44 Pro tip. If you see this candels next to The ladder think again about going this way beacuse they Mark where Bosses will be. (But only Fake Jester don't have them on one side to his arena so be carefull)

  9. 4:11 Wounding is this when your actual HP shrinks beacuse you didn't healed it in Time. Your HP goes back to maximum when you visit A Sanctuary or save points

  10. So how much gain did you have to throw at the SM7B in order to hear your self properly?
    Cause you are meant to have your mouth right on that mic.


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