Sea of Thieves : Smokin' Skulls


Will be find Captain Brigsby (Brisby? Brosboo?)
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It’s been a while since we checked in on Sea of Thieves, so now it’s time to seek forth great adventure! Sailing off to find the lost treasure, we encounter trouble along the way – but it’s nothing that legendary pirates can’t handle!

The Crew:
BruceGreene :

Video Edited by BrettUltimus:

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  1. I've been really confused becuase i keep hearing Bruce's voice and i couldn't fucking tell till i look in the description

  2. Four souls sent out at sea
    Wondering where gold and loot may be
    Hopping from island to rock
    And finding the right key for the lock
    One soul fears the sharks
    One soul has very fishy remarks
    One soul who wears the title of hunting a hungering one
    And one soul who sails the sea for fun
    These four soul seek a smokin' skull
    Slashing with cutlasses that never dull
    What adventure will the next video leave?
    Tune in next time on Sea of Thieves
    (Wanted to make a comment, so I did in the Sea of Thieves fashion, with rhymes)

  3. "I can offer you nothing more than my gratitude and faith…"
    five seconds later
    "Oh look at that, I just found three grand in my pocket, here take it!"

  4. Fun trivia. Sharks urinate through their skin, so all shark meat has to be heavily soaked and cleaned prior to cooking.

    It also tastes like slightly gamey chicken… or fucking roadkill, according to others.

  5. I lag on none of my games but when I play sea of thieves I always rubber band and it only started after this new content update

  6. Microsoft makes it's first good game in years. Decides to only let 30% of it's userbase play it. I get Bill made all the decisions around there and now with him gone it's a lot harder to get things done properly, but this is just straight up retarded. Yes, retarded, like those new controllers from Microsoft for the handicapped, retarded.

  7. I like how a lot of the time Criken fucks about and sometimes comes across like he's trying to sabotage them. But the moment the plot thickens he gets all serious XD

  8. The game's looking gorgeous and fun, I want to buy it – problem is, I don't have a crew to captain the ship. It probably isn't that great if you just try to go solo. (and my compy-utor is from 2005 so it won't run the game anyway)
    Good thing criken saves the day.

  9. AppLock ads are by far the worst ads I have ever seen. Girlfriends are always maliciously trying to get into your phone apps right? Haha

  10. Hey criken stop cooking fruits because you get less health refilled from it, theres no way to properly cook fruits


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