Sea of Thieves: Swabbie Sandy Trout Sets Sail


The Trout legacy lives again! Catch up with the previous series here:

Catch the full VOD of our first voyage on my Twitch here:

The trouts are back, this time in the beautiful waters of Sea of Thieves! These videos represent just a taste of whats to come in the full release of Sea of Thieves. Our adventures in the beta star the swabbie Sandy Trout and her crew of misfits. Back in these days, Sandy wasn’t even a captain– just a lowly navigator and bilge rat! Stay tuned for more Sandy and the boys coming soon.

Our crew:
MrLawlman1 –
Tomato –
GameWithMe –

Edited by Shayne Hawke:


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  1. I can't express how excited I am to be returning to the open seas with the famed Trout family!
    I've honestly been eagerly awaiting Sea of Thieves for the last three years, I even upgraded my computer so I'll finally be able to record and stream at 1080p 60fps for it! We're starting off the adventure in the beta with Sandy Trout and the rest of our salty amateur crew. When the full game releases we'll be rounding up even more pirate folks to bring back a fully produced series for Andy himself.
    You can watch the full adventure on my Twitch channel here:

  2. I love how in the beginning with the funeral song you can hear tomato screaming faintly in the background

  3. Interesting fact; seagull in a "flock" at sea are circling because there's a school of fish below that they typically are eating

  4. Male: Andy, Female: Andrea 🙂 Andy and Andrea Trout, raising livestock on pure LOVE!

    Spoiler: You can't live on love 🙁

  5. The music is so good in this game but I can’t take it seriously with criken and friends launching themselves overboard

  6. Looking up Sea of Thieves videos and came across yours. You guys are hilarious! I'll have to look you up on twitch. <3


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