Shape Up pt. 2! Mom Works Out! FGTEEV Fitness Challenge Fun! (Xbox One Face Cam Gameplay)


So many have requested we play this again! This time, MOM joins the fun! Chase plays too, he wanted to play Knee Up Splash to jump on the melons but he didn’t know how to grab them. Anyways, enjoy the fun we had!

We Play 4 Shape Up Challenge Mode Workouts:
– Waterfall Jump
– Knee Up Splash
– Push Em Up
– Stunt Run

Thumbs up if you enjoyed this!


Check out our very first time playing this:

The FGTEEV WORKOUT! (Shape Up Challenge w/ Skylander Boy and Girl) Xbox One Face Cam Gameplay


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  1. Dudz: sky mom beats me a EVERYTHING!
    Dudz a few years later: bet you can't beat me!
    me: that made no sense.

  2. Omg if u are watching in 2019 chase is doing a FORTNITE DANCE when he was stepping on the watermelons😂


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