Skyrim: The Good the Bad and the Dovahkiin [Part 2]


Basically a 10 minute montage of Criken shouting at and getting killed by things.

Watch Part 1 Here:

Made a new sneaky stealth character for much of this play-through. Might be some minor dark brotherhood mission spoilers in this video but I tried to cut out the really important bits. I’ve already got about 60 hours played of Skyrim and much more footage than I can sort through. I definitely plan on making at-least one more episode of this series when I get time.

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(song is Yoshi’s Island from the Super Smash Brothers Mele soundtrack)


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  1. 4:47 its weird the think that the voice actor for Lurbuk works as a vp at my old university. Great guy. Voice of gold.

  2. I did the same things with these soulgems… i though my cool new ward was finally going to be useful….. :[

  3. Fugitive: Snitch or double cross me, and I kill you! I CAN'T BEST YOU ! ;_;
    Hunter: did you see someone pass by just now?

  4. What spell was he using to kill estormo and most other peeps the fire spelll it was like zzzz and then BOOM

  5. You know when I encountered that elf guy at that entrance saying he was gonna kill me n all I literally did this : Fus roh Dahhh ! Then I gave him an axe to the face sandwich for his troubles


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