Sleeping Dogs: Shaolin Justice


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Also check me out setting the world record for consecutive flying jump kicks on a civilian:

In this video Criken cleans up the streets of Hong Kong with a bit of Chinese wisdom and good ol’ Kung Fu style. I had a lot of fun with Sleeping Dogs (as you will probably see), I’d definitely recommend it to any of you who enjoy those awkward free-roaming psychotic protagonist type of games. Half of these clips were recorded on my livestream ( and the other half was from my obsessed week long play-through of this game.

Music in this video (in order):
– Sad Romance by Thao Nguyen Xanh
– No Hoe by D-Lo
– Pokemon Stadium ‘Ekans Hoop Hurl’ by ekans I guess idunno

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Next up…Borderlands 2 and Planetside 2. Lets go.


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  1. "I'll show him what a real wide angle lens looks like!"
    Smacks Civilian in Back of Head
    "Looks like… A Tire Iron… Uhh to the back of the head."
    Gets Tackled by Joke Police

  2. I want to see Criken try to break Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. It is supposedly unbreakable, but I thought the same of Sleeping Dogs.

  3. when u a chinese u play this game, u laugh urself out cuz u understand what the peps are talking about including swearing at u XD

  4. One of the things i remember was the grapple executions getting more and more violent as the game progressed. oh ya and finally the wide use of guns.


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