Splinter Cell Blacklist: Sneak n' Peak – Part 1


Click here for Sneak n’ Peak Part 2:

Sneak n’ Peak is like Hide and Seek with less hiding and more screaming. Criken and Flimsii take on Splinter Cell Blacklist Co-op with the grace of a pair of blind sloths.

We had a good bit of fun with this game despite the fact that there was CLEARLY a weak link in the operation *(not Criken). (pardon the black box on the right side of the screen, there was a video codec error with this footage)

Also be sure to check out Flimsii’s channel for more of his scathing sarcasm:

Criken’s Twitter:

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  1. I remember this being the shit when I was 13. Thanks criken for the entertainment all these years. We getting old

  2. "Bang… Bang… A, India?" – Criken
    "There's a joke somewhere" – Flimsii
    The joke is "Bang a whore, India"

  3. You were lucky that the co-op actually worked for you, I want to play and record with my friend but we can never connect in private games, yet we can play on public games….WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING WRONG?!?

  4. I have the WiiU version. It's so bad, it makes me want to fist my console until I pull out the heart of the download I couldn't return. >.<

  5. Hey there can someone answer my question please!?!
    I was wonder how you do your subtitles when people talk. Do you just make a ton of individual titles and lay them in whenever the words are spoken or is there a quicker way i dont know about? Im specifically referring to the times when you animate each word individually. Thanks

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